• 60,000 square foot production facility.

    60,000 square foot production facility.

  • Diversified line of bedding.

    Diversified line of bedding.



Thank you for visiting our web site! All of us at Sterling & Thomas™ will continue to strive to provide our customers with the highest level of products, professionalism, and service. We are dedicated to the belief that everyone deserves a good nights sleep.

Our experienced sales staff is highly educated and continually strives to provide quality information to retailers that will enable them to better understand and market Sterling & Thomas™ Bedding products..

About Us

Sterling & Thomas™ was founded in 1939 in Gainesville, Georgia. Since 1939, Sterling & Thomas™ has paid meticulous attention to detail in handcrafting its American-made luxury mattresses, which rival the finest brands worldwide.

Today, we strive to continue that tradition by offering our customers timeless comfort, unsurpassed service, and the latest sleep technologies. We believe that everyone deserves a good night's sleep. Experience yours tonight on a handcrafted Sterling & Thomas™ mattress.

Our Facility

Sterling & Thomas™ has a 60,000 square foot production facility. New advances in production machinery such as computerized quilting machines, automatic cutting and bagging machines have not only allowed the production of a quality, diversified line of bedding, but have also made production more efficient. Sterling & Thomas™ products are manufactured to order. By utilizing this production technique, Sterling & Thomas™ is able to satisfy our customer’s need for prompt shipment. The friendly, professional customer service department is dedicated to providing the highest level of support to each and every customer.